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Growing Fashion Brands in India and What Makes the Apparel Industry So Lucrative

The fashion industry is among the fastest growing industries in the world today. Since time immemorial, change has been the sole factor that has remained constant. Currently, the fashion industry of India is considered to be of a dynamic nature. Due to the increase in fashion consciousness among Indians over the last few decades, the fashion industry has experienced a boom. Starting from the middle aged home maker to the funky college youth to the top notch posh populace, everyone has developed a definite fashion sense which is not only distinct but classy.

List of Top Apparel Brands in India –

Rohit Bal

Ritu Wears


Fish Fry

Satya Paul

A major part of the fashion throughout the world is the section of apparels. There’s a saying “Clothes make a man” which Indians wholly and souly believe in. It is pretty common that a person more often than not is judged on the basis of the way he/she is dressed. A person’s personality is defined by the clothes they wear. It speaks a lot about his/her education, personality and way of thinking. It has been predicted that in the next few years, the Indian fashion consuming class will set the fashion industry at a global level.

The boom in the Indian apparel industry is mainly due to factors like, rising incomes levels of Indians, liberal trade policies adopted by the government, and flexible investment policies on the apparel industry. Today most of the international brands have found their way into some of the best malls in the country. Brands like Mango, Armani and Diesel were unheard off in India till a few years back but today these brands are found in almost all Indian cities.

It is said that in the last ten years the fashion industry in India has moved from a very nascent stage to a full fledged booming industry.

The value of the apparel market in India is estimated at around 20, 000 crore. The branded apparel market’s size is 5, 000 crore which is a quarter of the total share. The apparel market is India is categorized into branded and non branded. The Top Apparel Brands in India are Madura Garments, Arvind Mills, Provogue Zodiac Clothing, and Raymonds. Apart from these brands India over the years has given birth to some of the finest designers who have become famous brands not only in the country but in the world. The introduction of a number of designers in the fashion industry has given a further boost to the Indian fashion industry. According to recent research conducted by the (FDCI)Fashion Design Council of India apparels created by designers in India is going to play a major role in the growth of the apparel industry in the next few years. Currently the Indian fashion designer industry stands at 180 crore and is expected to grow to 1,000 crore within the next decade.

Benefits Of Branding Your Personal Umbrella

When it comes to umbrellas, there are a lot of things that we should put into consideration when it comes to branding. The large space on an umbrella is one of the reasons why it is possible to create anything you desire on it. For people with small businesses, one of the easiest means of advertising their products is through the use of umbrellas. Any umbrella factory can help you achieve your promotional events at an affordable rate.

There are designer that come with up to eight panels that can be used for various advertisements. You can advertise or brand two or more promotions or companies on the same. The panels can take up to many messages without disfiguring the umbrella. There are bespoke designs on umbrellas that will help you achieve your desire.

The compact umbrellas have become an avenue in creating your traditional designs. Most people prefer the small or compact umbrellas because they are easy to move around. You can actually take advantage of these types of umbrellas and pass your message. Designing an umbrella is always fun and the promotional message is always passed for years. Each time your customized umbrella is brought out, it tells the same story you have sent it to do.

The following are some of the umbrellas that can suit your branding.

The Personal Umbrellas

The home umbrellas are the personal umbrellas that have been design to protect people from rain. These umbrellas come in different shapes and sizes. Thinking of creating a bespoke designer umbrella, you can begin with these types. When you brand an umbrella with original artwork, typography or beautiful patterns, it will always stand out in the crowd.

The Business Umbrella

Create your logo, name or message on the business umbrella. Umbrellas given out to customers can help them remember their visit to a particular business. This can entice them to come back again especially if the service is cool. The customized umbrellas have been designed to give businesses a friendly outlook to outside world. Interestingly, you never know where these umbrellas will travel to and what effect your business will have from such customization.

The Retailers’ Umbrellas

Are you in the business of retailing? Maybe, your business is suffering from stiff competition from similar businesses around you? With a customized retailer umbrella, you have an opportunity of standing out in the crowd and also beating the competition. The cost of doing this is affordable and the distance your advertisement will cover cannot be extended. Sometimes, we see a business in Europe still advertising itself in a tiny village in Ghana.

Brand Launch Services Play A Key Role In Successful Launching Of Brands

Brand launching is a relative term and has a lot to do when you measure the success story of a company. However, it is easy to botch up this planning and it may not be easy to predict where things have gone wrong. For instance, you cannot allow the brand name to become a string of letters which fails to create the impact and does not relate to the preferences of the clients. When you talk about brand the website cannot lag behind but an entity which looks rather cheap and unattractive will never promote your brand further and very soon it will be dispelled from the mind of the customers. Hiring brand launch service is the way to be truly but maintaining high levels of consistency can make your launch successful.

Pulling on with efforts

The question is when to look for the services and the answer is when you are trying to pull up the sales growth of the company. Although strategies partnerships with external agencies can spell success doubly you have to proceed with careful thoughts in mind. If you have decided to hire the services of an agency which helps you in launching the products you must try to identify the goals and make sure that you understand what exactly is to be accomplished. What are the elements that make your business unique and how your services and products can be separated from the rest? There are driving factors that go into creating a culture which is rather distinctive but the kindles approach cannot make you one of the brands which is instantly identified by the customers. The company which you intend to hire for brand launch must have had practical experience while dealing with branding. What you stand for is your true identification in the market.

Acquiring the customers

For any successful business acquiring more customers is one of the prime strategies but keep in mind that there must be steady stream of quality customers even if they may not purchase heavily. Research suggests that the most valuable buyers may not buy heavily but write blogs speaking about your products and updates the website with favorable reviews which encourage others to buy. Even though you may look forward to establish long-term relationships with the clients they will not talk about it as much as people would prefer to do with new brands. Truly speaking customers love to engage with new brands. With the help of a reliable brand launch service you will be able to work on branding actively and know how it can help your business overcome the challenge of competing with brands.

Need to hire experts

Now this is one of the essential aspects that many businesses tend to ignore either due to the intention to keep the cost low or waiting to gorge on something better which may never strike again. With experts in the purview you have the opportunity to understand how to proceed with a set methodology such as the perfect monitoring techniques after building the brand and making the improvements if any. Only an expert will tell you that building brand is to be done quickly as you can add up to the customers in a pretty steadfast manner instead of wasting time with the same old ideas that hardly yields results. The next thing is that you can shape the positioning of the business in the market with ideas that are appropriate. Instead of outing the equity of the existing brand at risk the experts will recommend that you try to invest in ideas that are rather new. Honestly speaking, the trill of the new attracts the customers instead of the reliability of the old although it may not be forsaken.

Creating the culture

The building blocks of the company must permeate and with years of experience in this field an expert can tell you how to build the culture surrounding the brand and creating a successful brand culture is the motto of every expert.

Brand experience

The touching point of the brand with that of the customers is the key. Apparently, the customers identify the products and services of a company incorporated in a brand but when it comes to the experience with packaging, design, videography and website the opportunity to engage with the customer.

Strategies for the business

One of the prominent aspects of hiring a specialist is to carry on with proper positioning of the brand along with the communication of the core values and the mission of the company to the customers.

Launching a new brand

For startups it is vital to hire the services of experts from the beginning as it helps in understanding how to proceed with the ideas of designing. Popularizing a brand must be carried out from the beginning which involves the right mix of culture and deeper engagement with the customers. You need the help of experts to create the best conversion rate and then work on it for continuous improvement. Just remember that the process of launching will never end and it must be in a state of continuous changes with one gaining momentum over the other.

Seagull is a prominent brand launch center service which assists the clients with successful launching strategies. The company strongly believes in implementing the best ideas that are result-oriented and has earned the recognition of one of the most trusted specialist in this sphere. The principle of this service provider is to set the brand apart from the rest and creating success story has become a habit. As a matter of fact, the company has allowed a lot of businesses thrive whether it is to reposition an existing brand or creating special position for a new brand from the beginning. Driven by energy to promote successful growth of sales in business but the company has grown beyond the measurements of success and is set to create new stories.

How To Create A Brand – Build Your Brand Development Strategy

How To Create A Brand?

There are four effective steps in brand development strategy to create a brand:

  1. Choose the brand name and logo
  2. Establish the brand in the minds of customers
  3. Brand Sponsorship
  4. Develop the brand

What Is Brand Equity?

How to create a Brand is no way different from founding your business. It takes time. Gradually you can create Brand Equity. Brand equity is the differential effect when consumers react more favorably to a brand than to a generic or unbranded version of the same product. Whenever we think of buying a smartphone the very first name strikes us is – the iPhone. Ask why? It’s because of comfort and authenticity delivered by iPhone to its users.

Apple throughout their years of research and experience has created a state in our mind of ultimate luxury and comfortability in using their products. There may be a few more similar products of others in line with Apple iPhone and may be superior to that, but the identity of iPhone gives it the edge over others- no matter what the price tag is. This edge is the Brand Equity.

4 Steps of Brand Development Strategy

1. Choose the Brand Name and select the Logo:

While building a brand development strategy name plays a vital role. A good name and style can add positives to a product’s success. It is the most difficult task to start with. Simplicity is the first step. The name should be easy to pronounce, recognize and remember. Moreover, it should suggest something about the product’s benefits and qualities.

Names like Google, Nike, Facebook, Apple, KFC etc. are among the most established brands all over the world. Interesting fact about those names is that they are easily translatable in different languages around the world. Hence the meaning of a particular word should not be something which indicates bad, wrong or negative.

Again the name should be extendable to cover up multiple product lines. For example, started its business with bookselling and now has been extended to multiple product categories.

Once chosen, the brand name should also be protected. Means in many instances brand names were eventually mixed up with the product category and people cannot differentiate the brand identity from the product category.

For example, Xerox is a company builds copier machines, but doing a photocopy is often termed as doing xerox.’Xerox’ is to be pronounced as a noun and not as a verb. Many people find it hard to distinguish between the product and the service which ultimately hampers the brand name of the Company.

2. Establishing the brand in the minds of customers:

An interesting saying by a marketer- Products are created in the factory, but brands are created in the mind. This can be done in multiple ways- At the basic level, it starts with introducing the target customers the product and its distinguishing characteristics.

Let’s took the example of Amazon’s Kindle- e-book reader. Amazon targets its customers, saying that it’s an e-book reader having a distinguished feature of reading books in a virtual format. In this stage, they are simply introduced with the product and has a very low level of impact.

The more effective way a brand can be positioned by associating its name with desirable benefits. Thus, Kindle is beyond an e-book reader- it is lightweight, on the go dictionary, stores thousands of books which are easy to search, no glare and zero distractions.

The strongest brands go beyond establishing features and benefits in customers’ mind and positions itself on strong values and beliefs, rooted to a deep emotional bonding. Like reading books in Kindle is an absolute pleasure and presents itself as booklover’s new best friend. When placing a brand in human mind, the marketer should establish a mission for the brand and a vision of what the brand must be and do.

3. Brand Sponsorship:

Brand sponsorship can be of three types:

  • Private Brand sponsorship
  • Licensed Brand sponsorship
  • Co-branding

Private Brand Sponsorship:

Lots of advertisements and social marketing strategies work behind the big brands to emerge and are termed as National brands. But for smaller Companies, it may not always be possible to endorse brands with a huge out of pocket expenses. In those scenarios, brand sponsorship is very important. As against National or Manufacture’s brands, there are Store brands. In recent decades store brands are gaining more from the market. Here’s why?

Big shopping malls like Big Bazaar, Walmart resale products at significant discount rates especially the generic or no-name brands. They endorse the products citing its advantages or putting side by side comparison with the top brands. The association of the big resellers with less known products works as an aid in uplifting the brand value of the product once termed as ‘no-name’.

Private brand sponsorship is also followed in online shopping too. As we can see small or lesser known mobile manufacturers are recently tying up with Amazon to sell their phones. In fact, this strategy is working great as the ‘no-name’ brands are getting the support of the big brand stores be it online or offline.

Licensed Brand Sponsorship:

In this brand sponsorship, some companies buy the names and symbols of other manufacturers or creators with a fee and endorse its products under such brand name. This is a common thing in the fashion industry like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Armani etc., where the Companies are using the names and initials of well-known fashion innovator. This type of branding turns out as an added fillip but with a pinch in the pocket.


Under such a brand sponsorship strategy, to established brand names of different companies are used on the same product. Because each brand dominates in a different category, the combined brands create broader consumer appeal and greater brand equity.

For example, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance where Bajaj is a dominant player in the automobile sector and Allianz is a German financial service major. Now since Bajaj wants an entry in the insurance sector and Allianz wants an entry in the Indian market, they jointly made a brand ‘Bajaj-Allianz’ to reap the fruits of the Indian insurance market.

Co-branding carries some limitations too. Such relationships usually involve complex legal contracts and licenses. Co-branding partners must carefully coordinate their advertising, sales promotion, and other marketing efforts. The onus lies on both the partners to carry the co-brand with trust and dignity.

4. Developing Brands:

To augment the brand equity it is very important to prepare a brand development strategy incommensurate with changing business scenarios. There is no hard and fast rule to dictate over.

Line extensions:

Brands name of a product can be extended to an existing line of products to accredit new forms, colors, sizes, ingredients or flavors of an existing product. However, line extensions involve some risks. An overextended brand name might cause consumer confusion or loss some of its specific meaning.

Brand extensions:

It happens when a current brand name is extended to a new or modified product in a new category. For example, NestlĂ©’s popular brand of noodles Maagi has been extended to its tomato ketchup, pasta, soup etc. A brand extension gives a new product instant recognition and faster acceptance. But one should be careful while extending brand as it may confuse the image of the main brand.


Multibranding offers a way to establish different features that appeal to different customer segments, lock up more reseller shelf space and capture a larger market share.

For example, a reputed company sells multiple varieties of soft drinks under different brand names. These brands are fighting each other to reign the market and as a result, they individually may have a smaller share of a pie, but as a whole, the Company is dominating the soft drink market. The major drawback here is the individual brands obtain only a small market share and may not be very profitable.


Brands are not created in a day or two; you ought to have the patience to grow it. The above – mentioned points suggest some best practices to build a brand, but the real test begins in the field. Brand development strategy differs from place to place, even urban branding and rural branding are way different in their practical applications. Remember that behind a successful brand development strategy, there lie lots of endeavors, a vividly clear vision and above all an uncompromised quality of product or service.

Reasons Why Having A Logo Is Important For Your Branding

A picture speaks a thousand words – the idiom is not new to anyone. It is the reality, which most of us deny accepting, but no matter what, you cannot run away from the fact that visual effects leave a monumental impression than the words or saying. Therefore, when it comes to the branding of your company, so, having a logo is important to stand yourself apart from the crowd. It’s an undeniable truth that at some point, we can forget the name of any company, but, we recognize them with their logo. Do you still think it is not worth to invest in? Well, if yes, scroll down and learn the importance of having a logo for your branding, so, you won’t deny investing in it.

  • First Impression: You’ll never get a second chance to make your very first impression, so, you should grab it. A logo will help you leave a first as well as the lasting impression of your brand in the customer’s mind. Without this, you won’t be able to communicate your ownership because it is the only thing that helps your clients understand who you are and what benefits you are trying to offer them.
  • Distinguishes You From The Competition: Well, we all know that, it takes nothing to join the crowd and do what they all are doing, but it takes everything and courage to stand-alone. And if you want to make yourself a brand in the cut-throat competition, you need to get out of the couch and do something that gives your clients a reason to choose you over your competitors. Also, it will help them distinguish you from the competitors.
  • Win Customer Loyalty: Customer loyalty is very much important for your branding, as they are your true asset and having them on your list will reflect the growth of your business. A logo will help you win that faith. It’ll help you stay close to your customers, so, you can understand their needs better and serve them accordingly.

Do you still have any doubt? No, what are you waiting for? Before your competitors take your customers away, go and design a logo for the branding of your business. Confused from where to start and how to start? Hire a professional website designing company that also serve you logo designing and help you create an identity over the internet or intranet. You need to do it correctly with care because your brand image is connected to it.

How the Spring Season Affects How People View Your Brand

This article focuses on how the psychology of spring impacts how customers engage with your brand. Remember, this month is all about creating momentum to “spring forward” our branding efforts.

Temperature, humidity, and, especially sunlight can have a huge impact on a consumer’s mind frame and by extension their spending. A 2010 study by Kyle B. Murray revealed that exposure to sunlight dramatically increased levels of consumption as well as the amount spent per item. Experiments show consumers would willingly pay 37% more for green tea and 56% more for gym membership after being exposed to sunlight. Similarly, a study by Persinger and Levesque found that 40% of mood evaluations were accounted for by a combination of meteorological events; in particular, barometric pressure and sunshine.

What does this mean for your brand? This is the time of year when people are subconsciously looking for new and exciting experiences! They are acting on what the season represents – rebirth and refresh. People are more receptive to discovery, exploration, and trying new things. This is the time of year we most want to be active, positive, and progressive. And, we seek brands that mirror who we want to be.

The good news. This is one of the best times for many businesses to introduce new customers to your brand – especially if is something that involves going outside to experience you. This is the time of year that brick and mortar stores typically do better than online stores. Subconsciously, we are in better moods and that makes us more receptive to trying something new. Net – this is the perfect time of year for most small businesses to dedicate resources to a strong trial program.

The bad news. This is also the time of year that your current customers could start to get the wandering eye. You need to refresh your brand and remind them why they love you. This is not about repeating the same ol’, same ol’. Rather, I would encourage you to think about introducing your customers to something new in your offering. Reassure them that you are progressing and growing.

Net – taking advantage of mood state is a critical component of building a strong brand. There are some simple things you can incorporate today to help build a better brand.

PLAN “BEE”: How to apply this to your business

  1. What is the ONE THING you could do TODAY to give your brand a “Spring refresh” appearance?
  • For example, if you have a brick and mortar store, could you rearrange the furniture or change a picture on your wall? Even adding (or changing) your welcome sign. For an online store, could you send out an email campaign with a refreshed look or refresh something on your page?
  • If you sell products, is there a different way you could display it or different language you could use to talk about it? Maybe there is a different feature you could highlight this time around?
  • If YOU are your brand, what new skill or information could you share?
  1. What is ONE THING you could do to take advantage of the subconscious consumer behavior that the “newness of Spring” creates? Remember, building a brand is about making these emotional and subconscious connections. The more you can tap into this, the better.
  • For example, is there an opportunity to link the good weather with your brand? Maybe setting up shop outside, opening the doors, etc.
  • Could you incorporate Spring messaging and images in your communications?
  • Are you highlighting items that are most positively linked to Spring?